The actual submission here is called Endless Jumps! It's an endless runner, jump early [space] but you'll fall anyways because the jump mechanics are buggy (intended? who knows...)!

Made for Kenney Jam, the theme was It's a feature, not a bug!

Endless Jumps

What a weekend. While I had a lot of fun, I didn't really make anything cool haha :)

I actually worked on 
small projects this weekend. 
I struggled an incredible amount with the theme and just couldn't figure out what to make D:

The first day/night I created a fishing game. With no end :P But you can catch fish to make money, and spend money to throw bait and attract more fish.

Fishing Game

The second night, I took a road generator I made last December and tried to make a car drive around it. It almost worked, but then I knew I wouldn't have time to finish after sleeping in too late...

Some Kind of Generation

So at noon on Sunday, with inspiration from a game called Endless Lake, I started this endless runner... Because I figured it would be short enough to finish by the end of the jam :D I put about 4 hours into this one!

Jump early!

Made withUnity


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Great job!  And thanks for sharing your thoughts along the way.  I love the procedural generation of the ground.